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  • Mother:
  • Dave: Dave is Oliver's step-father. Meg states that Dave isn't that bad of a person, but Oliver refuses to give him a chance and decides to move out before his mom and Dave's wedding.
  • Joe Yang: Joe is Oliver's older brother. They have a very close relationship as seen when Oliver chooses to live with Joe and Joe's father rather than at their mom's house. Joe dotes over Oliver and his always making sure that he is okay.
  • Meg Yang[1]: Meg is Oliver's sister. Not much is known about their relationship.

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Season One[edit | edit source]

Episode 1"The Kiss Bet"

Episode 2"The Apartment"

Episode 3"The Tutor (Part 1)"

Episode 4"The Tutor (Part 2)"

Episode 5"The Newspaper Club"

Episode 7"Math is Hard"

Episode 8"Oliver"

Episode 9"The Lunch Bet"

Episode 10"Confrontations (Part 1)"

Episode 11"Confrontations (Part 2)"

Episode 13"The Elevator"

Episode 15"Juniors (Part 1)"

Episode 16"Juniors (Part 2)"

Episode 17"Subway Boy"

Episode 18"NPC Meeting"

Episode 20"Locker Talk"

Episode 21"Exam Results"

Episode 23"New Tutor (Part 1)"

Episode 24"New Tutor (Part 2)"

Episode 26"The Beginning"

Episode 31"Bon Bon's Prediction"

Episode 33"The School Festival (Part 1)"

Episode 34"The School Festival (Part 2)"

Episode 35"The School Festival (Part 3)"

Episode 36"I Win"

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Episode 37"Just Act Normal"

Episode 38"Boys and their Feelings"

Episode 39"Can We Just Talk?"

Episode 40"The Walk Home"

Episode 42"Sky"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oliver's eyes were originally blue, but Ingrid changed them to green because the guy she was dating at the time had green eyes. [2]

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